Christine Collins

"I fell in love with the horse , not the breed, color or discipline. Just the beauty of this four legged animal that God lets us share"

I have been crazy about horses for as long as I can rem​ember….

Warnerton Farm ~Big Bella


Star Dust

  • At age 12, I began to ask owners to groom their horses
  • By age 14, I was thrilled to have my first job at a big stable

That same year I got my first horse, Star Dust. I worked with a blacksmith in training and shoeing at the barn she was boarded at. We began competitive trail riding. I showed with my mare, all through High School. Star Dust became a champion in pleasure and trail. She was the first horse I trained from start to finish. This would not have been possible if I did not work at J-Lin Acres, for Jay Mele, who helped me learn that training the natural way with patience and understanding is the best way.

I studied accounting and business in High School and this was to be my career path, but the horse bug bit me hard. I could not see a future that did not involve horse training, it became the air I breathed.

After graduation, I moved to Florida and became assistant manager at Plum Grove Farm, an Arabian showing and breeding farm. My responsibilities included training, foaling, breeding, giving  shots, and working with all injured horses. The experiences gained working at Plum Grove Farm were priceless for my future business. I added knowledge of sales prepping with body clipping, and working with the photographers posing for that perfect shot. With this farm, I was able to be an attendant; shipping their sale horses to Brazil. While with Plum Grove Farm, I participated in the University of Florida Equine Reproduction Program and became certified in mare reproduction, stallion handling and artificial insemination. This was the beginning of my love for those precious babies.

Thomas Root of Mockingbird Farm was a part of my next chapter where I added my race horse training. I started as an exercise rider then was trained for the lay-up barn, where I honed my skills in wrapping legs and taking care of most of the injuries that came with it. At Mockingbird, I had my first taste of the awesome adrenaline rush of breaking babies out of the gates for the first time.

My adventures continued at another Thoroughbred Farm, Warnerton Farm, the home of Kingpost. At Warnerton, I spent much of my time breaking babies and exercising. I worked with rehabilitating injured racehorses, doing up legs and swimming as a restorative therapy. At each farm, I gained a deeper understanding of horses and my passion for caring for these amazing creatures continued to grow.

Later, I moved to Brooksville, Florida and became head trainer at Hidden Oaks Farm. I worked with UnKetchable, a promising distance horse who just needed someone to take the time to understand him in order for him to get his first win. I believe horses are such individuals that you cannot work them all in the same way. This philosophy has guided me with the many horses I have worked with. Following UnKetchable’s much awaited first win, his owner offered me a job at Double Double U Thoroughbred Farm as manager and head trainer. While I was working at Double Double U, I also sales prepped and sold at the Ocala Breeders Sales. I had a chance to fit up Arabian Race horses too.

I met so many awesome people along the way.

When Double Double U Thoroughbred Farm closed its doors I leased the property, kept all the clients. Back to the Basics was born. These adventures put me in the horse business for over twenty years, but it was time for a new adventure. I met my husband, Mike and convinced him he needed a horse. We bought Magrooda, the last baby I foaled out at Double Double U. We moved to Colorado where I met Doctor Vail of Littleton Equine Center, who put me in touch with thoroughbred farms in the area. I worked at those farms reschooling horses and doing groundwork with their young stock.

My husband and I decided it was time to start a family. I closed the doors on Back to the Basics to start my new adventure, raising my four children. Never giving up my horses, cats, dogs,  birds or any other critter I had. I taught all my children how to ride. Despite this changing world and the distractions of technology, all four still hold the love for animals and working around them.

Losing my first horse, Star Dust, at the age of 32 to cancer in 2009, shifted my focus. I developed a strong interest in organic and natural products. I tirelessly researched seeking safer alternatives.

It was at this time that I first began to learn about Thermography.  I found a medical clinic that used  thermal imaging for breast care, an adjunctive diagnostic procedure. The technology really fascinated me. In 2017, I had the opportunity to buy an Equine Thermography business, but the timing was not right. At that time, I was running a nonprofit, getting back to my business roots. Soon I found with two of my four children off to college, it was time for me to return to my passion for horses. I wanted to give back to the animal I just truly love and understand. Thermography is an awesome way for their voices to be heard. I studied and became certified through Teletherm, on the science and application of infrared thermal imaging for use in Veterinary clinical practice. I bought a medical grade Dual Spectrum camera from Meditherm which led to the opportunity to be trained in Florida with American College of Clinical Thermology to receive my CCT. Back to the Basics is now reborn, with a twist BasicsEquiTherm.

I’m looking forward to helping you by helping your horse, stay sound and happy with this non-invasive technology

Believe and Achieve,

Christine Collins

Plum Grove Farm

Certified in the science and application of infrared thermal imaging for

use in Veterinary clinical practice by Teletherm

Member of ACCT ~Certified Clinical Technician  through ACCT