Case Studies

A horse's thermogram is as unique as our fingerprints!

Thermal imaging is an adjunctive test which contributes to the process of differential diagnosis, and is not independently diagnostic of pathology. 

Difficult to diagnose, uneven gait in front limbs

DITI shows inflammation in the front of the left shoulder. Treatment to this area quickly solved the problem.

Pony acutely lame in left foot, ‘hoof tester’ indicated soreness throughout toe region.

DITI showed localized inflammation in the sole over the medial toe. An abscess was drained here.

Racehorse pulled up 'sore'

DITI detected inflammation over medial sesamoid of left fetlock. Ultrasound showed some detachment of sesamoidean ligament

Slight lameness after a gallop

DITI confirmed a localized inflammation at the bottom of the right tendon consistent with an Over-reach injury.  Follow-up scans indicated when it was safe to resume work.

Horse presented with non-specific intermittent lameness

DITI showed local inflammation in the media left knee x-ray revealed a small chip fracture at exactly the location indicated by thermography

Horse scanned for suspected sacral problem

DITI  showed inflammation over four thoracic vertebrae in the wither. Traced to damaged saddle causing injury