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Our Team

Committed to excellence since 2015

Ground Work

Managing partner

They all have to have a good fundation no matter the deciplane of training intended.  Basics moving forward, excepting riders, bending, standing quietly . Like building a house your foundation has to be perfect or you will see problems as the process continutes.

Reschooling with behavior modifications

Creative Director

If you watch and learn, often there is a reason for the behavior. Was it something you are doing? Feeding? We can work to together to find out the why. You work side by side with me and answers quiston and show the problem behavior. Remember that consistently is the key to success. Do your homework and you'll be on your way to changing the behavior.

A little about me

Managing Partner

I have owned horses for over 40 years. Worked in the horse industry for 20 of those forty years. I have ground broke many horses in my carrire, from Arbian show horses to Thoroughbred Race horses. Got my start with Jay Merly, who used to show Paint horses. moved to Florida ans starting working at Plum Grove Farm in Ocala Florida, famous for bring the Eypytain mare Sactceh to the states and starting their lime of Amurth. I was assistant mangers there. I trained, conditioned, foaled, bred ,