BasicsEquiTherm is collaborating with K-9 Complex of Weatherford for Laser Therapy with Thermography.  Imaging before and after laser treatment.  You get to watch in real time the inflammation decrease!!      


Routine screening throughout rehabilitation and recovery can monitor the healing process and determine when your Equine or Canine can safely return to work or competition and give you peace of mind!

Thermal imaging is an adjunctive test which contributes to the process of differential diagnosis, and is not independently diagnostic of pathology. BasicsEquiTherm


Detecting inflammation or hypothermia with thermography helps uncover medical issues . You can take the report to your Veterinarian and discuss further options.

Thermography enables you to detect inflammation early. In fact, sometimes even before any symptoms arise!

Thermography is instrumental in accurate evaluation of the nerve dysfunction.

An MRI was preformed  on this 11 year old dog and the neurologist said the thermo images matched up almost exactly with the MRI, in fact in one location the thermo image was identical to the MRI.